Blogosphere Welcome: KRucial Reggae in the house

I wrote in my KRucial Reggae Blog Profile that I’ve been promoting Reggae for many years, and it’s finally time to step into the Blogosphere. I have an opinion, and this is a new way to share it and get feedback. I used to mail out postcards, call people personally (and I still do – those that I know like that). Then there was my website:, followed by my ongoing mainstay: content-rich Newsletters with regional, global, and niche industry focus. I’ve done MySpace and Twitter (still figuring out), and last but not least Facebook (which is my favorite Social Networking medium right now). Now to learn the joys of Blogging.

What’s my point? Twofold: as always, I’m trying to promote projects & artists I’m working with, and I’m always looking for new ways expand my contact network in search of more synergistic collaborations.

ALSO, I want to use this as an editorial outlet, evolving from monologue to dialog with people who actually care. What do they care about? Reggae Music, what it really stands for: One Love, Spirit, Rastafari, life affirming, and soul searching.

I just spoke to someone who said (at least some) booking agents are hungry for new talent, as the old guard is retiring (note the recent deaths of giants Sugar Minott and Mikey Dread). Who this new guard is and what they’ll do with the mantle is very key. It seems nowadays that a lot of the original energy has been lost or transmuted: I heard Damien Marley got no applause recently (in Jamaica), but now that he’s showed up with a Hip Hop artist (Nas), things are different…Jamaicans want to hear American music, and Americans want to hear Jamaican music. I call it colonial nostalgism: where the grass is always greener at “the source.” But guess what: once grass is growing, it’s growing, and if it’s green it’s green, and if it has roots, it has roots (wherever they are).


About KRucialReggae

KRucial Reggae (aka KRP) is all about Production, Promotion, and Performance! Long time industry pro, founder Kyle Russell has been a fan since 1980 and in the biz since 1990. Russell's worn many hats in the business: PUBLISHER (and creator of Rhythm Music Magazine); PROMOTER (regionally & globally); PRODUCER (of various albums) and PERFORMER (with the award-winning Dub Station band). Russell's been the Executive Director of Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide; Director of Marketing at BigUp Radio; and adviser to many Artists. This Blog's been created as a sort of streaming editorial, different from his other project-specific outreach (including his regional and global Newsletters and website, aka Our goal here is to go from monologue to dialog in developing and sharing our community overstanding (as opposed to standing under), and wise-speak (the opposite of wiz-dumb). Our hope is to provide inspiration, thought provoking encouragement, and invite new folks into the fray of advancing Reggae Music.
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2 Responses to Blogosphere Welcome: KRucial Reggae in the house

  1. Questioning rasta says:

    Whats with the typo right at the beginning? “RastafarianISM” ?? No “ism’s”

    • Right on – thanks for that – open rebuke (well-founded) is better than a secret love (or hate). I should avoid using that ISM as introducing schism to our universal faith…but truly: any one religion is necessarily exclusive of others (though they all have things in common). Anyhow, point taken, with grain of salt.

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